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Residential Home - Mould in the Attic

Mould is a serious problem that can destroy your home and be harmful to your health.
"Before purchasing our home in Toronto, we had an inspection done and we were told that there was mold in the attic that should be removed.  The inspector estimated the removal job to cost approximately $2,000.  The house is 46 years old.  We really liked the home and bought it anyway.  After moving in, we started to look for a company that would come in and inspect the mold and provide an estimate.  We were very surprised how hard it was to find someone to come and estimate the job.  Everyone was either too busy or didn't deal with residential properties, only commercial.  We finally found someone and after their inspection of our attic, we were told that we should not have bought this house as the mold in the attic was quite excessive and it would cost $10,000 to have them remove the mold.  Needless to say, we were upset and worried, as we have a 1 1/2 old daughter.  We contacted our home inspector who was very surprised at this estimate.  The inspector told us that he was recently contacted by a company that dealt with mold removal in residential homes who used a new antimicrobial chemistry.  We immediately contacted Certified Indoor Air who came out to the house right away and told us that the mold was not that bad and the estimate was only a third of what we were previously quoted. 

We are very happy with job and immediate attention we received from Certified Indoor Air and would recommend them to anyone, especially with the scarce amount of companies out there that do not provide this service to home owners." 

 Valerie M.

Toxic Mould was Eliminated During this Project


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